Terme di Acqui

Acqui and Waters

The Terme di Acqui is one of the most famous spas in Italy. Two different structures: one dedicated to wellness and the other to healing therapies. Acqui has at the center of his destiny: water. The “boiling” and therapeutic that flows in the heart of the city and the steaming and precious that forms the “Lago delle Sorgenti”.

Thermal Center "Regie Terme" in Acqui

The Regie Terme Acqui Thermal Center is a health center connected internally to the hotel via an internal corridor.

The Baths of Acqui have a history of two millenia that originates from the foundation of the Roman Aquae Statiellae.
Its sources, hyperthermal (75∞ C and 50∞ C) and sulphureous-salsobromojodic, have powerful therapeutic effects in a wide range of pathologies, among them arthritis and extra-articular rheumatism found in mud-balnotherapy a remedy whose efficacy has always been recognized at the level of national thermalism.
– Treatment in agreement with the Italian Health System in number of 8 different performances
– Motor rehabilitation treatments focused on thermal rehabilitation pools
– Respiratory rehabilitation treatments
– Wellness treatments in a structure with a swimming pool and cave placed on springs of thermal waters
– Scientific conferences, including the “Acquired medical rheumatology days” which reached already the LXVII Edition
– Relationship with cities and territory promoted through conferences and publicity

MUDTHERAPY sludges applied at 48∞C for 15 minutes, followed by a therapeutic bath of 10 minutes and a reaction of
15 minutes. Suitable for: arthrosis, traumatic sequelae, scapulohumeral periarthritis, chronic myalgias, fibromyalgic
syndromes, tenosynovitis and tendinitis.

BALNEOTHERAPY can be carried out in the cabin (duration 20 minutes followed by a reaction of 15 minutes) or in the
rehabilitation pool (duration 30 minutes). Indicated for: functional limitations on arthrosis. after effects of trauma
post-operatively, after orthopedic surgey or in the treatment of psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis.

INHALATION CARE hot-humid inhalations, aerosols, humages, nebulisations, micronized showers, nasal irrigations (theatments
lasting 10 minutes with the exception of nebulizations that can last even 30 minutes). Indicated for: chronic or recurrent
infiammatory forms of the upper airways, such as rhinitis, also vasomotor, sinusitis, rhinosinusities, pharyngitis,
faringotonsillitis, laryngitis, chronic rhinosinusitis bronchitis syndromes, chronic bronchitis.

TREATMENT FOR DEAFNESS RHINOGEN endotympanic insufflations, crenotherapic politzer according to Salimbani for children
(duration for both treatments of 5/6 minutes), together with inhalation treatments. Indicated for: chronic stagnations
of tubanic catarrh, chronic catarrhal otitis, tubal stenosis.

INTEGRATED PULMONARY VENTILATIONS pulmonary ventilation (duration 12/15 minutes) together with inhalation treatments.
Suitable for: chronic bronchitis and B.P.C.O.

VASCULAR ROUTES IN THE POOL thermal water corridors at 20∞ C and 35∞ C with internal whirlpool points for 30 minutes.
Suitable for: varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, phlebitic after effects.

GINECOLOGICAL CARE simple vaginal irrigation (duration 15 minutes) or accompained by bath (20 minutes in the cabin,
30 minutes in the pool). Also associated with mud “to panty”. Suitablefor: chronic vaginitis, chronic adnexitis, sclerosis
of the cicatricial or involutive pelvic connective tissue.

MOTOR REHABILITATION hydrokinesitherapy, kinesi therapy, massage therapy, instrumental physical therapies, electrotherapy,
laser therapy, magnetotherapy, ultrasound therapy, mud therapy, balneotherapy in variable associations in relation to the
pathology to be treated. Indicated for: recent or remote trauma, post-operative effects of articular prosthetic interventions,
post-operative neurosurgical interventions on the medullary canal.

RESPIRATORY REHABILITATION single or group respiratory kinesitherapy (30 minutes) assisted pulmonary ventilations (about 15
minutes), inhalation treatments (10 minutes each). Indicated for: simple chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive bronchopneumopathy,
silicosis, silicatosis, asbestosis.

Wellness Center "Lago delle Sorgenti"

The Wellness Center LAGO DELLE SORGENTI has an innovative and original concept for REGENERATING with WATER and REBALACING withSOUNDS. The goal of its SPA is to engage and excite.
The holistic SPA Center of Acqui Terme is one of the most famous SPAS in Italy. The water is the same as the well-known sulphurous saline bromine iodic springs of the Bath of Acqui, with multiple healing qualities that pulsate incessantly in the two thermal pools of the SPA.
Customers are free to autonomously manage the times of relaxation and immersion in the pools and hot tubs and follow at leisure the 12 stages of the Holistic Thermal Path.


For more information: www.lagodellesorgenti.it