Grand Hotel Nuove Terme in Acqui is a four star Hotel dating back to the 19th Century.
It was built in 1891 and soon became one of the most attended lounges in Europe and one of the most famous hotels of the “Belle Epoque“.
Winston Churchill, the Royals of Europe, Luisa Baccarà, among others, are some great names of the past who lived the atmosphere of this example of Art Nouveau architecture.
After a careful renovation and a wise modernization according to the original architectural design Grand Hotel Nuove Terme reopened in 2002.
Nowadays it offers a modern service in a quiet and welcoming atmosphere, equipped with the most up-do-date technologies.

Thanks to its favourable position, the hotel can offer a variety of services: further to the internal SPA, it is possible to access the famous Wellness Center “Lago delle Sorgenti” and the Curative Thermal Center, whose hot spring waters come directly from a source located 3000 meter deep, and already used by Romans more than 2000 years ago.


An elegant restaurant “Le Fontane”, is located on the ground floor of the hotel overlooking the porticoes of the historic center of Acqui Terme. The restaurant is divided into several rooms to guarantee our guests privacy.
An à la carte menu is offered daily. Protagonists are local products prepared and cooked according to traditional recipes of Piemonte region (beef, roasted meat, stuffed pasta, a variety of cheese and vegetables). Local wines, cocktails, long drinks, coffee, handmade ice-creams and much more, are also served at “Cafe delle Terme” where you can stop for a break during the day.


Cafè delle Terme still keeps the ancient decors and stuccoes made more than one century ago.
A warm and welcoming atmosphere is created by 100 years of experience where you can breathe the “Liberty style” as it used to be at the end of the 19th Century.
Here you can taste typical local wines well known all around the world, handmade cookies and fresh berries picked-up from the nearby area.